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Welcome to the AD&D RPG Pages of Donspace!
Legends Never Die Elsewhere 3E Erisa Campaign

This area is dedicated to supporting the players and campaigns on various PBeM RPGs, all of which are currently hosted at Yahoo Groups (formerly eGroups). Support info is currently in place for both the AHAdventures list and Elsewhere3E.  Both are moderated lists. I am also currently involved in the Champions of Elverna and the Blackwater PBeM games.

Whether you are a member or not, please feel free to hang out a while ... maybe you will stumble onto something interesting on your journey.

Legends Never Die: This is the game for which I am the current DM. Important maps and other stuff may be found here, as well as in the Erisa information below.

Elsewhere 3E:  While I co-DM this game, it is undeniably the brain child of Rex Kwiecien, aka Rexraygun, a good friend of mine I met while playing these games.  Rex's very talented wife, Lisa, has done most of the work for the main Elsewhere site.

Erisa:  This is the campaign world for the AHAdventures list.  All the Erisa campaign information was created by our DM, Jeff Mejia.  It has been gathered here and re-formatted for your convenience.



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